Professional software development since 1985

Over 100,000 users worldwide. From the dawn of Desktop Publishing to present day. Code and design that has helped shape the pre-press, proofing and direct-to-garment industries.

As head programmer for Birmy Graphics (later became iProof Systems, Inc.) I have designed and written PostScript RIP implementations and printer utilities for over 25 years. Driving all kinds of output devices. From laser imagesetters that sell for hudreds of thousands to ninety dollar inkjets and everything in between. All with unparalleled conectivity and ease of use. Many of the innovations I designed into those products have become "household words" in the RIP business. In 1998 I founded C-Horse Software, Inc. Under the C-Horse name I continued to write RIP implementations as well as other utilities. I also developed several hardware and firmware products.

For the last few years I have been working closely with Belquette, Inc. on the development of the Edge pretreater and the Genesis printer. I wrote all the firmware and software for the Edge pretreater as well as all the firmware, software and FPGA circuitry for the Genesis printer.

After parting ways with iProof Systems, I wrote a new direct-to-garment RIP from the ground up for sale under the C-Horse Software label. This RIP (C-Breeze) incorporates almost 30 years of RIP development experience and over 10 years of direct-to-garment RIP development. C-Horse Software, Inc. is an Epson ISV as well as Global Graphics OEM which means access to all technical info directly from Epson and the rights to develop using the JAWS interpreter, one of the most powerful PostScript engines on the market.


Alfredo (Fred) Padilla Jr.

President, C-Horse Software, Inc.


Some products currently under development by C-Horse:

  • C-Breeze RIP DTF (Direct To Film)
  • C-Breeze RIP DTS (Direct To Screen)
  • C-Color Screen Printing Separation Software w/White-layer generation and Pantone(c) color matching.

Some currently shipping software products written by C-Horse:

  • C-Breeze RIP for Belquette Genesis
  • C-Breeze RIP for Epson SC F2000
  • C-Breeze RIP for Belquette Mod1
  • Belquette Genesis (firmware, software, FPGA design)
  • PowerRIP mod (direct-to-garment)
  • Belquette EdgeLink  (direct-to-garment)
  • Belquette Edge (firmware)
  • Printer Jockey (printer utility)
  • PowerRIP ImageSet (proofing / halftone)
  • PowerRIP ScreenPrint (film/paper)
  • DTG RIP Pro V05 (direct-to-garment)
  • MelcoRIP (direct-to-garment)
  • MarsewRIP (direct-to-garment)
  • PowerRIP DG (direct-to-garment)
  • PowerRIP FlexiJet (direct-to-garment)
  • MultiRIP (dye sub / heat transfer)
  • MultiRIP GP (direct-to-garment)
  • MultiRIP Film (film/paper)
  • SimplyRIP (direct-to-plate)
  • Mitsubishi RadiantRIP (direct-to-plate)
  • PowerRIP Azon (direct-to-garment)

Some currently shipping hardware products designed and manufactured by C-Horse:

  • Jet Genie injet head cleaner
  • JRC unit (Job Release Controller)
  • C-Set ink chip resetter for R1900-base dtg printers.
  • C-Level automatic aquarium top-off