• Buy them built and tested or buy the Gerbers & images and have them built yourself.

  • Designed and developed in the USA (Florida)

  • Significantly reduce time-to-market by buying custom versions of the Saturn II board set or buy the IP and customize it yourself.

  • A great alternative to hacking up desktop printers to make DTG, DTF or UV printers.

  • No ink-protection chip hassles.

  • Communicate with the designer in fluent English.

  • Customization available for a very reasonable fee, sometimes free.

  • Source code available for purchase for all components: FPGA logic (Verilog), control programs (C++), firmware (embedded C), RIP (C++)

  • Drives up to 6 Ricoh GH2220 or compatible heads simultaneously (12 channels)

  • 5 motion axis control (X, Y, Z, Cap, configurable Auxiliary)

  • Plenty of 5V and 24V output signals for peripheral control

  • 8 inputs for sensors, etc.

  • More inputs and outputs can be added through an external I/O board (not shown)




The Saturn II board set is part of a total solution for custom printe development. C-Horse offers virtually every component. The compact design allows the board set to be integrated in just about any size printer, from desktop to large format. The initial version supports the Ricoh GH2220 heads (and compatible). Future versions will support other heads. Or, buy the source code and add the head yourself (training and/or help available).

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1. FPGA module. Powerful but inexpensive. Off-the-shelf to keep manufacturing costs down.

2. Amplifier. This device supplies the high-voltage pulses necessary to drive the print heads. As with the FPGA, it is an off-the-shelf module to keep manufacturing cost down.

3. Tiny OLED monitor which can be used for status messages or debugging. If you don't need it, you don't have to include it in your version.

4. 3 buttons which can be configured for any function (debugging, special features, special modes, etc.)

5. Stepper driver for X axis. Configurable step resolution and current.

6. Stepper driver for Y axis. Configurable step resolution and current.

7. Stepper driver for Z axis. Configurable step resolution and current.

8. Stepper driver for Cap axis. Configurable step resolution and current.

9. Stepper driver for Aux axis. Configurable step resolution and current.

10. Configuration for Aux stepper driver (it can follow another stepper driver but in reverse, for example)

11. 5V output signals for peripherals.

12. Home and limit sensors for X, Y, Z and Cap axis.

13. Eight 5V inputs for sensors, etc.

14. Connector for X linear encoder.

15. Power input. The voltages are supplied by the Phobos IV board (not shown)

16. High speed USB for pixel data and low-speed USB for commands.

17. 4 extra IO ports which can be programmed for anything.

18. USB status LED indicators.

19. +24V supply for 24V outputs. Right below is the 5V analog output (0 - 5V) which can be used to control things like the intensity of UV LEDs.

20. Eight 24V switchable outputs.

21. Hight-voltage request bus. Used to request the Phobos board that the amp voltages turn on.

22. FFC sockets for ribbon cables which connect the main board to the Reah head-breakout board. It carries the digital and analog signals to the heads.

23. Test points for the COM waveforms.

25. Reah head-breakout board. Connects to the heads. By having different Reah board versions, the Saturn II can be used (with different firmware, of course) to drive different types of head. The Reah has a built-in processor which can be used to drive servos, valves, lights, etc. which might be on the carriage.

26. Connector for external I/O board (not shown)

27. Head mode jumpers. The GH2220 can be driven in different modes. These jumpers allow selecting which.

28. Head connectors. 12 channels maximum for this version (Ricoh GH2220).




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  • Complete board set:

    • Saturn II main board

    • Reah head-connect board

    • Phobos 4 power supply board (not shown)

  • Home and limit sensors

  • All software and firmware including C-Breeze RIP

  • Controller micro-PC running Windows 10 embedded (handles the printer's GUI, networking, etc.)

  • Source & training available

  • Very reasonable pricing