• Industry-leading Raster Image Processor (RIP) software development since 1985.

  • Purpose-built hardware design, from concept to finished product.

  • Firmware & FPGA design & development.

  • Internet-of-things (IoT) design and development.

  • Custom drivers and special purpose software development.

  • Motion-control hardware & software.




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Saturn II Board Set


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C-Horse can develop everything printer related from the RIP software to the motion control. Inkjet driver boards (including amplifier) as well as integration with current product lines. Using C-Horse Software to develop your inkjet printer solution will save hundreds of thousands of $ in development costs and you can own your board designs! This gives OEMs the freedom to have their boards manufactured wherever they want. We design solutions for your product, we don't make you design your product around our solution. Click the "Contact Us" button above for more information or email c-horse@cfl.rr.com for more information.


Circuit Board Development.

Motion & Inkjet Head Drivers


Software Development

Custom RIP software and more


Embedded and

 FPGA Development

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