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Inkjet head-driver boards, amplifiers and motion control boards

  The Saturn II board set is a complete solution for the OEM who wants to create a DTG, DTF or UV printer. Put together a frame, some motors and a few other components and get to market in record time.
C-Horse has provided many companies with such technology. The Saturn II is the culmination of all knowledge gained from such projects but it is significantly different from all previous projects.

The board set can be customized to meet a customer's specific needs. The initial version drives the Ricoh GH2220 and compatible heads but can be easily customized to drive any inkjet head.

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The Reah board connects to the Saturn II board via FFC ribbon cables which are mounted in an energy track. This small board is mounted on the moving carriage and  breaks out and distrubutes the signals to the print heads. It also contains a separate processor and many I/O ports to handle possible sensors, activators, lights, etc. This board enables the Saturn board to drive any version of the Ricoh or Epson head, simply by changing the software and the version of Reah boards



  The Callisto board uses an FPGA module to handle all the internal logic necessary to drive the print heads. It uses the Europa amplifier to generate the VCOM waveforms and the Phobos power board as its power supply. The Callisto, in this design iteration, drives 3 Ricoh Gen 5 heads. Typical configuration would be to use 2 heads for CMYK and one for White ink. It can be modified to drive a different number of heads and/or split it so that it can be stacked.

This board style is also available for Ricoh GH2220 heads.

This board is used in conjunction with a small NUC PC wich is used for the control software and GUI as well as a separate motion control board (not pictured).

  The Europa amplifier provides the VCOM analog signal which actually vibrate the piezo elements in the inkjet head. The arche is an 8-channel amplifier, suitable for driving 8 Ricoh GH2220 heads using 1 amplifier channel for 2 head channels. It could also drive two or three Gen 5 heads. Of course we could design a different amp that can handle any number of heads.

dThis board is used with the Calllisto (pictured above). A smaller (half size) variation is also available for the Ricoh GH2220 heads, which use less current.